Expedited Review

Prior to their participation in clinical trials, CALS requires pharmaceutical sponsors or other interested parties to request an in depth Expedited Review of their protocols, drugs and projects. The CALS Chairman will sign a blanket confidentiality agreement on behalf of Network members, employees and associates as all relevant information stemming from the Expedited Review will be internally disseminated.

CALS Headquarters organizes the Expedited Review after a mutually agreeable date has been set and develops the agenda along with the Sponsor. The Network provides Presentation Guidelines to assist the Sponsor to structure their presentation and the content of the Review. As Sponsors present their drug trials, a CALS Review Team under the direction of the Head Reviewer prepares a draft Assessment Report which includes: project summary, comments, recommendations, budget details, and priority rating. Final Assessment Reports are forwarded to the Sponsor in approximately 15 business days of the presentation.

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